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Cutting a mango into slices, how to cut a mango video

A mango has one long, flat seed within the middle of the fruit. Once you can find out how to figure round the seed, the remainder is easy. Mangos, delicious in smoothies, luscious in condiment, will be a slippy, slippery challenge to cutting a mango. The best thanks to approaching it's to start out initially with a ripe, however still firm fruit. If the mango is just too ripe, it'll be a mushy mess, and laborious to chop into items, tho' straightforward enough to scoop out for pulp. Check down for cutting a mango video

Cutting a Mango

Always use a clean knife and sharp knife/paring knife and board, ripe mango to cutting a mango. Sanitize your hands, work area, utensils, and board before handling or cutting any fruits and vegetables, particularly if you have handled any variety of meat or food.

The best way of cutting a mango

Always wash the mango before cutting.

1. Stand the mango on your board stem finish down and hold. Center the Mango Splitter higher than the mango, with the gap within the splitter aligned with the widest part of the mango.

Cutting a Mango

2. Firmly strike to separate the mango flesh from the seed with a sharp knife.

3. Use the "Sliced and Scoop" or the "Inside Out" strategies shown higher than to separate the mango flesh from the skin in cubes, dices, or slices. then you can eat this mango. a good way to cut a mango

How to cut a mango into spears?

Cutaway sides from the pit:

The mango contains a flat-ish rectangular pit within the center of it. Your objective is to chop on the edges of Inferno, separating the flesh from Inferno.

Cutting a Mango

Holding the mango with one hand, stand it on its finish, stem aspect down. Standing up the mango like this you must be ready to imagine the alignment of the flat, oval pit inside it. With a pointy knife in your alternative hand, cut from the highest of the mango, down one aspect of Inferno. Then repeat with the opposite aspect. you must find yourself with 3 pieces: 2 halves, and a middle section that has Inferno.

Cutting a Mango

build crosswise cuts within the flesh:

Take a mango 0.5 and use a knife to form lengthwise and crosswise cuts in it, however, strive to not cover the peel. Invert the mango 0.5 in order that the cut segments are protruding sort of a hedgehog.

Cut or peel segments away:

At now you will be ready to peel the segments right off of the peel along with your fingers. Or, you'll be able to use a little parer to chop away the items from the peel.

Cutaway pit:

Take the mango piece with Inferno, lay it flat on the board. Use a parer to chop out Inferno and take away the peel. you will be ready to add a touch of extra mango from around the pit.

Cutting a Mango

you can make some other recipe /recipes for cutting a mango

How to cut a mango into a slice


At fast cleans your mango and mango skin. Hold your mangoes upright and realize the tallest aspect. Inferno is going to be sitting on that line, thus you’ll wish to be facing parallel thereto aspect. With a little parer, rigorously slice half the mango off of Inferno whereas aiming your knife towards the middle of the mango.

Turn your mango a hundred and eighty degrees and hold the highest whereas you slice the opposite off of Inferno.

Take a simple fraction of your mango and cut lines vertically through the fruit aspect while not cutting through the skin. watch out to not get your fingers within the manner of your knife whereas you are doing this.

Cutting a Mango

Flip your mangos in order that the vertical lines you simply cut are currently facing you horizontally. Cut lines vertically through this aspect of the fruit while not cutting through the skin. you must find yourself with grid-like lines during this 1/2 your mango.

Cutting a mango-METHOD 1: rigorously flip your mango wrong-side-out by pressing the skin aspect outward along with your thumbs. The fruit aspect of your mango can then have equal-sized cubes protruding. Take your parer and thoroughly slice off the cubes of mango removed from you while not cutting through the skin.

Cutting a mango-METHOD 2: once you’ve created a grid-like pattern in 1/2 your mango, take a spoon and scoop out the equal-sized cubes, going the skin behind.

Cutting a mango-METHOD 3: once you’ve created a grid-like pattern in 1/2 of your mango, take a little glass cup and use the rim to scoop out the mango cubes. You’ll try this by propulsion the cup down your mango exploitation equal pressure.

Cutting a Mango

Start at step four along with your different mango and use any of them on top of three ways to chop this side!


Recipe Yield: one mango yields one cup (187g) of diced mangos betting on the dimensions of the fruit. Refrigerate in associate airtight instrumentation for up to five days, or store in resealable luggage within the deep freeze for later use.

Recipe science

Nutritional edges of mangos

The pleasant flavor of mango or fruit tree L. additionally packs a biological process punch. Mangos area unit is high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. you'll see the carotenoid within the flesh, giving its characteristic orange hue. during a one-cup serving of diced mangos, their area unit more or less 121 calories, a pair of grams of fiber, twenty-six g carbohydrates, forty-six mg water-soluble vitamin, and 1262 IU fat-soluble vitamin, and different nutrients

How do you properly cut a mango?

What you would like

Y-shaped peeler


paper towel or tea towel

cutting board

chef’s knife

Follow These Steps

Peel the mango from prime to bottom

Cutting a Mango

Using the Y-shaped peeler, work your approach around the mango, removing the skin. If the fruit isn't quite ripe, keep peeling it away till the pulp is bright yellow. As you expose a lot of pulp, use a towel or tea towel to carry the naked as a jaybird mango therefore it doesn’t slip out of your hand. Peel away the ideas.

Determine the tallest line of the mango

Place the mango on the chopping board and notice the aspect that appears the tallest—the pit is sitting on that line.

Sliced in avoiding the mythical place

Holding the mango with a towel, position the chef’s knife, aiming it at the middle of the fruit; you'll have to be compelled to modify the angle of the knife if you discover that you simply hit a mythical place. Slice the edges of the mango, avoiding a mythical place.

Cutting a Mango

Cut around the mango’s pit

Holding the fruit vertically, trim the remaining flesh off mythical place.

Slice the cut halves

Finish cutting the mango by slicing the items horizontally into smaller wedges or bite-size items

Five ways in which To Use utterly Cut Mangoes:

Mango condiment: Serve Mango Salsa with chips or aboard grilled chicken, in shrimp tacos, or chicken tacos.

Fruit Salad: augment a salad or serve with some of the different tropical fruits as a fruit dish.

Frozen Treat: augment Associate in Nursing acai bowl, mix during a smoothie, or strive to mix diced mangos with fruit juice and temperature reduction it in ice trays for a delicious cold treat.

Cutting a Mango

Parfait: Layer vanilla dairy product, much homemade dry cereal, and recent mango.

Kebabs: Grill some mango and chicken on skewers for a refreshfully healthy meal.

How do you cut a mango for beginners?

Storing Mangoes:

Keep unripe mangoes at temperature. Mangoes shouldn’t be cold before they're ripe. They’ll still ripen at temperature, changing into sweeter and softer over many days– however make certain to observe them fastidiously, as a result of they will go from utterly ripe to mature quickly. Once ripe, mangoes will get into the icebox to block the overripening.

A good ripe mango is often the best identical day it's cut. However, mangoes may be bare-ass, sliced, or cubed associate degreed placed in airtight instrumentation within the white goods for 2-3 days or within the deep-freeze for up to 6 months.

Ripening Mangoes

To speed up ripening, place mangoes in an exceedingly brown carrier bag at temperature.

Once ripe, mangoes may be affected by the icebox which is able to block their ripening method. Ripe (uncut) mangoes may behold on for 3-5 days within the icebox before use.

Cutting a Mango

Cutting a mango while not peeling: see the primary tutorial during this post!

How to cut a mango with a cup/glass: examine this fun hack by Buzzfeed (scroll down past oranges and avocado hacks).

Can you cut a mango in half? owing to an imaginary place, you can’t cut it specifically in however by cutting 2|the 2} sides from the imaginary place you've got two pretty equal-sized halves.

mango has vitamin

Mango is low in calories nonetheless high in nutrients — significantly antioxidant, that aids immunity, iron absorption, and growth and repair. High in Antioxidants. ... May Boost Immunity. ... May Support Heart Health. ... May Improve biological process Health. ... May Support Eye Health. ... May Improve Hair and Skin Health.

Are mangos hard to cut?

No, it is not difficult to cut mangoes. Mangoes can be easily cut in different styles and help in making very good quality recipes


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